June 5

9 Simple Strategies for Raising Successful Kids

We all know that raising successful kids is a challenge for parents in this stressful and busy world. How do we raise our children to be happy, healthy and successful with the morals and ethics that we value?

There are really no guaranteed methods to accomplish this, but we can measure the influence that these 9 specific, simple tactics for raising successful kids will have on your child’s development. These influences make themselves known through things like doing well in school, serving others, engaging in the community, forming healthy habits, as well as respect and tolerance for others.

  1. Show your kids that you care – spend time with them.
  2. Communicate in patient, loving ways, paying attention to body language and other visual cues.
  3. Introduce your children to other adults you like and respect who’ll act as positive role models (neighbours, teachers, relatives).
  4. Get involved in your child’s school.
  5. Give your kids responsibilities (feeding pets, watering plants, etc.)
  6. Keep your children safe. Talk to them about the internet and share tactics for dealing with suspicious strangers.
  7. Set reasonable, consistent boundaries.
  8. Get to know your children’s friends.
  9. And most important: be a positive role model.

It’s important for grown-ups to help young people experience these things, but parents can’t do it alone. Focusing on these nine research-based strategies provides guidance and direction in the uncertain world of parenting. And that’s something parents can feel good about.

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