May 11

Book Review

This month I encourage you to pick up and read one of the very interesting books concerning the life of Dr Maria Montessori. As you may know, May 6th was Montessori Day, and I would like to introduce you to one of my personal favourite books written (as lectures) by Dr Montessori. The book is entitled “The Absorbent Mind”, and it talks about the first six years of life, considered by many as the most crucial development stage in a child’s life.

Dr. Montessori writes with conviction and passion in this book. It is a book full of insights, as well as relevant medical information (she was a Medical Doctor) with wide ranging topics such as ‘The miracle of creation’, ‘The child’s part in world reconstruction’, ‘The importance of movement’, ‘The child’s contribution to society’ and, in the final chapter of the book, ‘Love and its source – the child’.

Dr. Montessori’s last few lines of the book read “The study of love and its utilization will lead us to the course from which it springs, the child. This is the path that man must follow in his anguish and care if, as his aspirations direct, he wishes to reach salvation and the union of mankind”.

Truly an inspirational lady, truly an inspirational book. I highly recommend it.

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