March 23

Easter Games for Kids


3 Easter Games for Kids –

  1. Funny Bunny Faces Game – This game gives kids a chance to channel their artistic side, while creating some laugh-out-loud funny drawings. Print out this funny bunny faces PDF, and give kids a pencil and piece of paper. Each player takes turns rolling the dice.  Start by rolling to decide which style of bunnies cheeks you will be drawing.  Once everyone has drawn their cheeks, roll again to decide which face, then nose etc. until you have a complete silly bunny face.
  2. A Mouth Full of Spring – Fill a bowl completely full of Jelly Beans. Give each team a spoon and a small cup, or you can set the cup on a table a few feet away from the bowl. Players must transfer Jelly Beans from the bowl to the fill their small cup using only the provided spoon, which must be in the player’s mouth at all times.  Read more.
  3. Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny – If you already know how to play pin the tail on the donkey, then you’ve already got this down. Print the bunny image and tails, break out the blindfolds, and hop to it! Get the full instructions and free printable here.

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