April 23

Encourage Your Child to Read for Fun

One of the greatest pleasures in life is curling up with a good book on a gloomy day, but what can you do to encourage your child to read? These days television, computers and hand-held devices seem to have a mesmerizing hold on children, but there are some things you can do to introduce your child to the joys of a good book.

The following ideas will help encourage your child in the right direction.

1. Set up an environment conducive to reading

An area with comfortable chairs and good lighting will make a big difference. If it’s out of the way of the usual swirl of activity it sets the right mood for reading. When you include healthy snacks it gets even more attractive, but remember; discourage the use of any electronic devices in this area!

2. Finding appropriate books

An obvious point to consider is the availability and accessibility of good, age-appropriate books.

Take your child to the library. Often there will be a story-teller in the children’s section, so try to schedule your trip when you know there will be someone there. Allow your child to pick out their own books as well; there will be much more interest in a book they’ve found themselves than one that’s been picked out for them.

3. Read aloud to your child

Children love to have an adult read aloud to them. It gets even better if you can make the story come “alive” by adding different voices for each of the characters! And try ending on a “cliff-hanger” moment when it’s time to pack up the reading for the night; your child will be much more willing to listen the next night to find out what happened!

The added bonus? This is a wonderful way to get closer to your child by spending some quality one-on-one time with them!

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