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Growing a Pizza Garden with Your Kids


preparing soil for pizza garden
Elderly woman and child planting pizza garden

The weather is perfect for planting if you haven’t already begun. If you have children, why not let them take charge of their own gardening area?  The benefits are tremendous: fresh air, sunshine, learning to care for something from planting to harvest, exposure to the growth cycle (science), and it may just get them to eat things they otherwise might not. I love using containers for smaller garden areas, mainly because they can be moved around, there is no weeding to worry about, and they are just cute! A pizza garden is a great place for kids to start gardening, and gives them something more tangible to aim for. Not only do they get to enjoy planting and harvesting, they can also use their bounty to cook up a delicious recipe with mom or dad.

  • One large (or several smaller) container(s) with drainage holes
  • 1 1/2 -2 c.f. organic potting soil
  • Various plants, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, thyme, oregano, basil, spinach (whatever you like to put on your pizza).
  • Wide craft sticks
  • Paint pens
  • Clear spray paint
  • Optional: gloves, trowel, hand shovel


We chose tomatoes, basil, oregano, and green bell peppers for our container(s).

Fill container(s) to 3″ -4″ from the top with good quality soil. You do not have to use organic soil, but it is the kindest to the earth and safest for kids, so I always recommend it.

Then show your child how to remove herbs and vegetables from their pots. If you find some are root bound, simply pull away the roots at the very bottom gently. Some plants you cannot do this with, but for the most part I have had great success with this.

Next, dig holes, giving your plants as much room as possible to grow in the container(s). Set plants in the holes and cover the base with soil.

Water, water, water your plants in well, and try to water consistently. You want them to be very damp as long as you have very good drainage.

Another way to extend the fun with this project is to create simple markers with your child. These will only really last one season, but will still be enjoyed.  Use fine tipped paint pens on wide craft sticks to write the name of your plants and draw the pictures if desired. Spray with several coats of clear to seal it and make them last longer.

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