Infant/Toddler Program – Vancouver

Our Infant/Toddler Program supports working families with children between the ages of three months and three years. The classrooms and teachers provide a warm and welcoming environment – a home away from home.

The infant and toddler years are a time for exploration and establishing self-confidence. These children make great strides developing their physical capabilities, language skills, as well as sensorial understanding as they experience this wonderful world we live in. The environments are designed to support each child on their great journey in these early years.

We are proud to share with you that we were the first Montessori based infant and toddler child care program in western Canada.

Families interested in receiving information on the infant/toddler program at our Vancouver site may provide us with their contact information to be put on a mailing list. We will keep you updated with opening dates and other program information. We are working toward opening the campus for the summer of 2021.

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