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Keeping Kids Entertained on Road Trips


Keeping Kids Entertained on Road Trips

little girl and her brother sitting in car
little girl and her brother one of their road trips

Summer is a time for traveling and family road trips, and even if you’re a well-seasoned traveller it sometimes helps to have a few new tools at hand to keep small children occupied, even for short trips. Here are some tips for traveling with small children:

Plan some entertainment on your road trips

Before you set off on a long road trip, planning plenty of entertainment for the kids is essential. Work out how many hours you’ll be traveling, allowing for a couple of hours of delays, and figure out how you can fill that time. This could include:

  • Watching movies on the car’s entertainment system
  • Colouring books and simple crafts
  • Books – these won’t entertain younger children for long
  • Playing CDs aimed at children
  • Playing eye-spy or making a list of things to spot along the way

Generally, as kids get older they start to entertain themselves for longer, so you can start traveling further afield. They can then start to play car road trip games or simply watch a film without getting restless. Therefore, try to limit how far you travel with younger kids. For a list of games and downloadable game sheets, visit: intheplayroom.co.uk.

Traveling essentials include:

  • Crayons
  • Clip board
  • Kids music CD
  • Kids audio books
  • Kids Travel Blankets
  • Kids Travel Pillow

In addition to the above, you might like to add a backpack with the following:

  • small toys – Character figurines, dolls or stuffed animals
  • magazines
  • colouring pens
  • stickers
  • a book or two

…and let’s not forget these outdoor play essentials for when you’re ready to take a break:

  • skipping rope
  • chalk
  • picnic kit
  • ball

Take snacks

Cars can get stuck in traffic during your road trip, so always make sure you have a back up snack and some water with you. Try kid friendly cereal bars, rice cakes, or dried fruit, all of which will keep them going until they can enjoy a proper meal.

Take health precautions

Taking health precautions is important when you travel, and this especially applies for children who may pick up illnesses and infections much more easily. Remember to take any prescription medications you may need, as well as basics such as over the counter kids medication, as it’s not always easy to find these things.

Plan regular breaks

Plan your journey in short bursts, ensuring there are plenty of stops for using the toilet and running around. If you won’t be passing many service stations, then it’s worth buying a travel potty so that you can avoid any accidents.

Many families avoid traveling while their kids are young, but it can be a great way to spend quality time together. It’s best to start off with shorter trips, getting them used to it and seeing how they respond to being in a car. As they get older, you can do more with them, and they start to entertain themselves. If you get them used to traveling now, then they’ll no doubt develop a passion for it in later life, and you can encourage them to explore the world.

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