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Sleep Tips for Back to School


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Sleep Tips for Back to School

September is here and families will find themselves adjusting to a regular ‘back to school’ routine before long.  One aspect of a good school start begins well before the September long weekend – the sleep routine.

Over the summer, bedtimes for children often become later.  Parents find themselves looking ahead to the first day of school and realize that the sleep routine needs some work, knowing you want to avoid the hazards of sleep deprived children.

The National Sleep Foundation provides helpful tips and encourages families to put in place healthy sleep habits on the top of the back to school list of things to do. Here are 6 sleep tips for back to school readiness:

  1. Begin adjusting the sleep schedule 10 to 14 days before school starts, changing to an earlier bedtime and wake up time in small increments each day.
  2. Maintain this transitioning schedule throughout the week, even on weekends, to ensure children are consistently getting enough sleep and establishing a solid routine.
  3. Create a peaceful and relaxing bedtime routine that is appropriate for your child’s age. Your child will associate the steps with sleep and their body will be naturally inclined to sleep.
  4. Design a sleep environment is quiet, cool, dimly lit and comfortable.
  5. Keep electronics out of the bedroom and eliminate exposure to electronics for the hour before bedtime.
  6. Support healthy eating and regular exercise, two important factors that promote a good sleep.

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