November 29

The true spirit of Christmas


Hamper with Christmas gifts
Hamper containing food and gifts for Christmas

A Magical Time of Year

The most magical time of the year is almost upon us! This can be a wonderful time of the year, visiting relatives, eating wonderful meals and enjoying time with friends and family. However, 0ver crowded stores, ubiquitous television commercials, shopping, gift wrapping, cooking and baking frenzies may disperse the “magic”, taking their toll in terms of exhaustion, disappointment and tired and fractious children.

Maybe it is time to sit back and reassess what Christmas really means. Perhaps it would be a better idea to find ways to simplify and really enjoy the holiday as it is meant to be. This is the time of year to bring your family closer and reach out to less fortunate individuals. Why not go beyond buying a few extra cans of soup at the supermarket and putting them in the collection bins?

Demonstrating Christmas Spirit

Many people demonstrate the true spirit of Christmas by helping serve meals at homeless shelters, or bundling up clothes, gift cards and/or food in Christmas hampers and delivering them to these individuals and families. Even though the need exists all year long, something about this time of year tends to spotlight the plight of these people and bring out the generous side of human beings.

Sharing the experiences with your children while demonstrating these or similar acts of kindness goes a long way towards helping them develop compassion and appreciation for their own lives. Many children are fortunate enough to never experience poverty or homelessness and have no understanding of the struggle some people face every day.

We all want our children to be happy and secure, and feel loved and wanted. But perhaps we can give them the best gift of all by showing them what it means to be a truly loving human being who thinks about a stranger’s welfare and makes an effort to make this time of year special for them, too.

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