September 13

Welcoming the School Routine


Breakfast is part of the morning routine

After a long hot summer it’s actually wonderful to get back to school and inject a little routine into our lives after our (relative) summer freedom. Even though many parents work through the summer as well, it’s a typical time to kick back a little and relax with your family from time to time.

For little kids, summer can be a magical time, with a multitude of learning experiences. Perhaps you visited a beach for the first time and found sand dollars, or went for a hike in the woods and picked up pinecones. Or maybe this is usually the time of year when the kids have a chance for an extended visit with grandparents. Whatever you did, I hope you had a happy summer!

Okay, into the routine. Here are a few simple tips that may help you get a better handle on managing in the morning:

The Night Before

  1. If possible, decide on school outfits the evening before. If your kids already know what they’re going to wear, it will save a lot of time and grief looking for that favorite pair of jeans or sweater. Maybe you could even put a number of outfits together when you fold the laundry and put them in your kid’s closet or drawers. That way, they get to choose the outfit, and everything they need is in one place.
  2. You may consider putting together lunches the night before as well; it can be a real time saver in the morning.
  3. Establish a set place (a “home”) for all your kid’s stuff, like backpacks, coats and boots or shoes. Everyone knows where to look when you’re getting ready to go outside, and they can take some responsibility (if old enough) to get ready.
  4. There are charts available online that list the kid’s Daily Routine for the evening. For example: Pick up toys and tidy room. Pack backback. Put on PJ’s. Put dirty clothes in hamper. Bathroom: bath time; potty; wash hands & face; brush teeth. Read a story. Lights out.

In the Morning

  1. Get up before your children. This will give you a chance to get dressed and organized before you need to manage your kids. Maybe even start making breakfast as well as put kid’s lunches together if that didn’t happen the night before.
  2. There are also charts available that list morning duties for your kids. For example: Bathroom – potty; wash hands and face; brush teeth; comb hair. Make bed. Get dressed. Put dirty PJ’s in hamper. Eat breakfast. Get ready to go outside.
  3. Discuss the day’s plans at breakfast to make sure everyone knows where they’re going and what they’re supposed to do.

The key to a good routine is consistency. If you do the same thing every morning your kids will know what is expected of them and will need less managing.

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